Live Long and Live On!

the power of 974 legacy gifts strengthening the Jewish community

The Denver/Boulder Jewish donor community has committed approximately $58.5 million in bequests to ensure the future of the synagogues, Jewish schools and organizations in the metropolitan area. Through individual and collective generosity these donors are building endowments and a future for their cherished institutions. They are "living on" by building a Jewish legacy.


In 2015, Rose Community Foundation completed a fourth chapter to the Live On: Build Your Jewish Legacy initiative. Created to help metro-area Jewish organizations integrate a culture of legacy giving into their institutions, the initiative is designed to build permanent endowments through bequests and planned gifts. Rose Community Foundation provides training and incentive grants to help organizations steward and solicit donors for estate gifts. A public awareness campaign has helped donors and community members understand the benefits of leaving a legacy to the organizations they love.

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